Business Units


We specialize in:




VAS solutions

POTS solutions

FTTX solutions

Data center



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Extra Low Voltage(ELV)

The company capability is based in specialized Low Voltage Systems Design and Integration with a specific lifecycle capability built around on going product support and service for end users.

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Electronic Payment is a financial exchange that takes place online between buyers and sellers.Chashmandaz Ertebat Co. has 3 Mega projects in Iran including Tabriz parking meter management, Urmia parking meter management...

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ICT Solutions

Chashmandaz Ertebat Co. offers end to end ICT integration and customized solutions...

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IT services

IT services refers to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations....

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Monitoring Center Design & Implementation

Monitoring Center Design & Implementation for special purposes, depending on customers need

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we produce:


wide static and dynamic screen  LEDs

Multimedia cars with special purposes

different kind of Racks

different kinds of telecommunication cables

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Aviation Departemant

  1. ELV package for Airports
  2. Special Airport Systems
  3. Air Navigation Systems

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