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About Chashmandaz Ertebat Co.

Chashmandaz Ertebat Co. as an ELV & ICT General Contractor employing specialists in variant engineering & technical scopes, relying on 13 years of experience inside & outside of the borders in some Mega projects such as Oil Platforms, Petro Projects, Monitoring centers and so on, has been composed of 7 major departments including:

  • Security Systems Distribution Department
  • Iran’s Commend distributer Department
  • ICT Trade & Telecommunication  Department
  • Extra Low Voltage (ELV) department
  • E- Payment Department
  • IT solutions Department
  • Aviation Department

We Provide:
Services provided on a project may include, but, are not restricted to the following:
  • Consultancy
  • System Design – Detail Shop Drawings
  • Project Management
  • System Evaluation
  • Procurement
  • System Installation & Commissioning
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • Project and System Documentation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Well Experienced AV and ELV termination technicians
  • On Site Trainings
  • On Site AV and ELV Support Staff

Further consultancy would be to develop the detailed Front End Engineering Design, documentation to facilitate the B.O.Q / tendering process

  • Investment
  • System Integration
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • Support and Operation 

Company’s Information:

Company Type: Private joint Stock Company
Registered capital: 3,500,000 $
Registration Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Registration Number: 237726
National company's ID: 10102786037
Economic Code: 4111-5461-9465

About us




Chashmandaz Ertebat Co. (CECO) are specialists in extra low voltage equipment Systems design, Integration and ICT solutions. CECO provides a full product life cycle support and service capability which follows four key phases of product selection through to end of life support capability.

  • Systems design

  • Installation

  • Integration

  • Support

CECO’s life cycle support begins with “Systems Design” to either an existing specification or designing a solution to meet users’ specific requirements. This is followed by on-site installation, integration, commissioning and training. These are key components of any successful project and CECO has the key capabilities and technical support through local and international strategic partnerships. CECO ensures full life cycle support with complex systems integration and interoperability through a range of technologies and skill sets. Support and maintenance are provided through to the product end of life, delivered by a specialized team of skilled electronic technicians and IT support personnel.

CECO was founded in 2001, in Tehran, Iran and has for 16 years provided a high quality low voltage systems design, installation and service for a range of products. This product mix has changed rapidly over the years as electronics and software have changed the world we live and operate in.

In recent years we’ve developed specific expertise in Systems Design and Integration as technology rapidly advances and integration / interoperability become the real technical challenge to meeting customer needs.

The key verticals we support are:

  • Shopping Mall

  • Transportation

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Lodging & Hotel

  • Manufacturing & Production