Aviation Departemant

Scope of Services

Chashmandaz Ertebat Co. (CECO) has been operating since 2000 and has developed extensive experiences in many fields such as ICT, Trading, Contracting and Extra Low Voltage Systems.

CECO is specializing in the Supply, Engineering, Supervision and Testing and Commissioning for all Airport Systems and other services including System Integration. We adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance by establishing processes and practices that promote and ensure integrity, compliance and accountability. Most proficient office personnel (Managers, Engineers, Designers, etc.) whose natural skills stemming from a solid educational background and enhanced by a sharp knowledge of site, acquired by experience. Professional teams of well-trained technicians, foremen and site engineers, earnestly carrying out all the type of Airport Systems site duties, performing often praised quality jobs and services thanks to a high workmanship.

2.1 Design

Thoughtfully entrusted to a qualified Design team with a view to preserve the best of specialized competencies and foster maximum creativity. The Main Activities carried out are the following:

Detailed Engineering

Graphical Programming

In house real time Programming

A well-developed Engineering Workshop with latest state of art Demo set up helps the Design Engineers to perform the programming and sequential checking of the operation before being transferred to the Execution Engineers. This helps in avoiding the delays in the projects where in single Engineer carrying out the complete Job Distribution of the Works speeds up our output time and Quality.

From the initial job assignments, optimally planned within the general time schedule, the project joint works are all the more facilitated that the designers carry out their duties in a single room, comfortably air-conditioned and economically furnished. The Shop drawings and the Riser Drawings performed under the latest widely coveted AutoCAD software. With the latest technology at hand, the sections’ output has substantially gained in productivity, quality and reliability, giving nothing but entire satisfaction to the customers.

2.2 Execution

Adequately programmed from a collaboration of all the parties (Estimation Section, Design Section, and Logistical Support Section of the Administration Department and Site teams), which produces a collection of expert advises, the project is entrusted to an Experienced Execution Engineer, under the overall supervision of the Execution Manager coordinating with the Manager-Projects for site activities reporting back to the Manager Airport Systems Division. Drawings and materials approval by the consultant stand for the starting point of the related site works, to be executed, tested, commissioned, and handed over to the client, within the allotted time.

2.3 Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Clearly of outstanding concerns for the consultant, main contractor or end user, the Final visual inspection, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning duties are entrusted to duly Factory Trained Engineers, certified by our Principle Manufacturers for specific type of Systems.

Our Engineers will coordinate with the contractor to Install the system as per the project specification requirement. Upon completion of the Installation, they perform the Pre-commissioning works followed by the commissioning of the Installed system. Finally, the client is given an Operation and Maintenance Manual, where he will find all relevant information necessary to a safe and efficient operating of the installed system.

2.4 Warranty Period and Maintenance

With the warranty period stipulated by the contracts (a defined period from the site hand over), the customer can call anytime for CECO’s intervention, provided the issue prior assessment confirms it is in our scope of work. An experienced team, equipped with proper instruments, conduct then the required maintenance, using the already released instructions and Maintenance Manual. A Maintenance Contract will be offered to the client when it is necessary.

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