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Chashmandaz Ertebat Co. has a long lasted Relation with Bosch security during recent years which started by VCS,

Chashmandaz Ertebat Co. was VCS's exclusive representitive, after jioning VCS to Bosch, since 2004 chashmandas defined as Bosch Security Systems Dealer in Iran, because of some restrictions resulted from sanctions there was no partnership by the time which sanctions had been lifted. 

After sanctions Bosch Security asked Chashmandaz about renewing the deal and now we are dealer For CCTV , ACC, PA , CO

In special mega projects that need high level BOSCH Systems integration with other ELV Subsystems using international quality and standards, BOSCH makes it possible to have access to the international experienced solutions and facilitates the usage of ESS and ESB services on specific projects.